Dr. Berg's Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach

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Dr. Berg's Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach $645.00 USD
Due Now $645.00 USD

Dr. Berg's Keto Coach Agreement
"I understand getting trained as a Keto Coach using Dr. Eric Berg's intellectual property and www.DrBerg.com , that I am permitted only to get the training and use the information to assist others, and to purchase products from Dr. Berg at the Keto Coach price, once I have fully completed the Keto Coaching course.  I understand that I must stay true to all legal agreements I have signed as well as the points below, and any future requirements, and that violation of these will have me removed from access to the DrBerg.com site, support, access to purchase at a discount, other ramifications, as well as legal action.  I am initialing that I have read, fully understand and agree to abide by the following:

1.  I understand that all the data and images from the www.DrBerg.com web site, The New Body Type Guide book, all Dr. Berg's webinars, videos and audio, spoken and written materials falls under copy right and trademark laws and cannot be translated, duplicated or distributed without his written permission.   This includes all images, concepts, and principles and recommendations.  This means that I may not use images from his book or works, or information from his book, website or works, without fully crediting that it is Dr. Berg's information and where it came from, as well as his written authorization to use this data.  I may not reproduce his intellectual property on my website, promotional properties or in seminars, etc, without his expressed, written authorization. I understand that I may not translate and distribute any part of Dr. Berg's works, and that doing so is a violation of copy right law for which I can be prosecuted.  I understand that I must submit in writing, a request as to how I want to use any such images or data and must get authorization back before I produce my website, promotional materials, etc.  And that failing to do so can result in a forced shut down of my web site and legal action.                            

2.  I understand that I am legally prevented from teaching the Keto Coaching to others, and that all Dr. Berg Keto Coaching Training is done only through Dr. Berg's offices.  I may not deliver the Keto Coach program in any format, verbally or written, whether I charge for it or not, and to do so will result in legal action.           

3.  I understand that Dr. Berg's Keto Coaching program is solely controlled by Dr. Berg Nutritionals, and that no other entity has the right to repackage this material for sale or control its use by way of "territory" "franchise" or other such financially controlling contracts.  Dr. Berg is the only entity to control the use of the Dr. Berg Keto Coaching program and the data within it.                                

4.  I understand that should I see or become aware of violations stated above or any other issued contract regarding Dr. Berg and his intellectual property use that I will report this to his offices via 703-354-7336, or by writing to Dr. Berg at 4501 Ford Avenue, Suite 608, Alexandria, VA 22302, or via email at support@drberg.com  And not doing so, when I am aware of these violations may result in discontinued access to the Dr. Berg site and discounts                            

5.  I understand that the above agreements are in addition to any other previous or subsequent agreements presented to me as a user of Dr. Berg Intellectual Property and that I agree to remain in good standing by upholding these agreements.    

6.  I understand that this program ONLY has a 30-days refund policy.  

I have read and understood each section.